Favorite Cams - Be A Live Cam Model

Being a cam model can be a great source of supplemental income often even a full time job.

What Makes A Good Live Cam Model?

You would think it's as simple as being young and pretty, but the reality is there are guys interested in all ages and body types. To really succeed like all things in life it takes hard work and dedication. It's important to be online a lot and work regular hours. This way you can build a dedicated and devoted following that knows when to expect you and you are available during their leisure time. Personality also goes a long way. It's important to pay attention to the clients needs and if their request are within your comfort zone (and not illegal) performing them with enthusiasm and a sense of enjoyment will certainly effect your bottom line.

What Will I Be Asked To Do?

Human sexuality expresses itself in a myriad of ways - if you can imagine it someone most likely fantasizes about it. It's a good idea to upfront articulate what you are and are not willing to do in a show. This saves everyone time and avoids a potentially awkward situation. Never however feel the need to go beyond your boundaries if you are uncomfortable and clearly read and follow the cam companies codes of conduct to avoid having your account suspended or worse terminated.

How Do I Find Customers?

The larger cam sites such as Streamate spend tons of money marketing their sites so they will bring an audience to you. You want to end up high in their placements, in order to do that you will need to have a good quality cam, a solid amount and clear stream, and favorable reviews. This can take some time as an unknown you won't have any review history but its not considered rude to ask your client to leave a review if they liked the show. Most are happy to oblige. Other ways to drive traffic is to set up a twitter feed (that you keep active) using your performer name. Follow the twitter feeds of the popular models to see how the interact with their followers and emulate some of their tactics. Also a good idea to follow the cam company you work for as they often will retweet you or send out information related to the site.

What if my friends or family see me?

Streamate understand that if you are going to perform intimate acts you would want to try to protect your privacy. They allow models to "geo-restrict" their fees. What does that mean? It means for example you could sign up and "block" certain locals. It could be as granular as a state or as large as a country. So if you live in California and have relatives in Ireland you could ban both the state of California and the Country of Ireland. Also never give out any personal information EVER. Use a stage name and never give out any personal information, where you live, your phone number, email etc. Treat it like a blind date, you never know who's gonna show up so behave accordingly.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The honest answer is some models only make a few bucks a day while others make tens of thousands a week. It really all comes down to how much time and energy you put into your shows and developing a devoted following. This won't happen overnight so don't expect to get rich overnight but if you keep at it you can easily make quite a great deal. One thing thats very important it to not sign up with a "Studio". You will see these advertised on backpage, in newspaper ads and in search results. They basically will promise you the moon when in fact what they really are doing is getting you in a contract thats going to give them 20-25% of your potential earnings that's puts you at a huge disadvantage. Its best to work with a reputable cam company and all of them will allow you to sign up with them directly regardless what an "agent" says.

So How Do I Get Started?

I would start with the oldest, most established cam site, Streamate. They are almost a decade old and have a history of top notch service for both their performers and customers. They also market very aggressively so they will bring clients to you. Again avoid "studios" or "agents" and just up with them directly. Just follow the link below (18+ only) to sign up. Just follow the instructions and once approved you will be up and running.